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Connecticut divorce court

Connecticut divorce court helps in solving the divorce cases of Connecticut. It uses legal term “dissolution of marriage” for divorce. The Connecticut divorce laws help the couples to end their marriage, provide welfare of children and divide property and debts. The court follows the Alabama laws for granting the divorce. It also permits the parties to proceed with divorce “pro se” which means individual does not need to have a lawyer.

There are certain rules and laws which the spouses should fulfill before filing the petition. In order to file for the divorce, one of the spouses must be resident of the state for at least 12months. However, the case can be immediately started if one party moves to the state for ever. The law need that the party should be in the state for 12 months period by the time court issues the final decree.

In Connecticut divorce court; there are two types of grounds on the basis of which divorce files are maintained. No fault ground states that marriage should be irrevietable broken or both the parties must have been separated for at least 18 months by the reason of incapability. On the ground of fault basis, you should proof any of the mentioned: Adultery, fraud imprisonment, mental or physical cruelty, or confinement due to mental illness.

Connecticut divorce court deals with issues related to family law. it includes, alimony, child custody, child support, debt payment and property division.

  • Alimony: the court grants the alimony to any of the spouse regardless of gender. The alimony award and duration is up to courts judgment.
  • Property and debt division: the Connecticut law follows equitable distribution of the property. Factors like length of marriage and need of each party are considered.
  • Custody: The court must follow “best interest” for the child when deciding the custody issues. The court usually takes the child preferences into account
  • Child support: the court takes into account the financial security that a child can need after divorce. it takes the factors like parents relation with the child , education facility and child’s need into consideration.

Filling process in Connecticut divorce court:

  • The divorce process starts when one of the spouses files the petition and summon with the superior court in judicial district.
  • Along with the petition form necessary documents mentioned by the court must also be submitted. These documents can be proof of ground on which divorce is filed, marriage certificate and information the spouses.
  • Once you file all the necessary paper work with the petition make its copies. Send one copy to the court along the filing fees and serve another copy to the spouse stating that you have filed for divorce.
  • Once you get the response, wait for the courts hearing. Either of the spouses must attend the courts hearing if divorce is contested. The judge will check whether all the documents are filed properly. If court is satisfied with the documents, judge will sign the final decree stating the divorce.

The waiting period is of 90 days from the date of filing the petition. Actual time is four months under all good circumstances.

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