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Colorado divorce court

When it come to file for divorce in Colorado divorce court, there are certain rules related to Colorado law which you need to follow. Colorado divorce allows the spouses to get divorced and decide on the issues like dividing property, alimony or issues related to child. In Colorado filing for divorce is like filing for any other suit. All you need to do is follow the proper steps and include the information which court needs to enter in the final decree.

To file for divorce in Colorado you must fulfill certain residential requirements and follow the grounds. You or your spouse must have lived in Colorado for 90days before filing the petition. The divorce can be filed in the county where petitioner or the respondent aside. Colorado divorce law allows the spouses to get divorced on no fault basis.it means you can get divorce, if the judge decides that the marriage is “irretrievably broken”. Other grounds like adultery, mental cruelty, desertion, drunkenness can be used as grounds to get divorced.

Colorado deals with the primary issues of family law that includes child support, child custody, and alimony and property division.

  • Alimony is the payment for supporting the other spouse. It is granted by the court depending on the financial situation and earning capacity. Property division includes the division of assets and other marital property.
  • Colorado law makes the schedule of basic child support. It is calculated by inspecting the family income of both the parties
  • When issue of child custody comes, the court will consider what is in best interest of the child. Factors like which the children live with or the legal custody that states the rights of parents to make the decision of the child are included.

Process of filing in Colorado divorce court:

  • To begin with the process, divorcing parties should follow all the residential requirements and use the grounds as mentioned in the Colorado law. Even if one spouse meets these requirements, either can file for divorce in state.
  • Once the requirements are met, draft the petition that includes all the issues to be discussed in the court. Petition is the legal document that you should file with the court. Along with the petition information like date of marriage, number of children you have, kind of marital support you seeking for should also be mentioned.
  • Within 40 days after filing the petition, the court will have the status conference. It determines the formal hearing on the temporary issues, even if divorce is pending.
  • Prepare the summon stating your spouse that you have filed for divorce. Contact your local county requesting for summons. You will have to attract it with the petition
  • Give the petition to the court. Serve the copy of petition with your spouse. The case starts, once the respond is received form the spouse. You have to file the petition with the court clerk on the local county.
  • Pay the necessary filing fees. It varies by county. Contact the civil court clerk before filing. If money is the issues, you can file the waiver of filing fee.

Filing in Colorado divorce court is not difficult; you must follow both the legal requirements and county courts rules that can be applied.

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