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California divorce court records

California divorce court records are maintained by the California state in which they occur. They are usually kept at federal, state and local government. They are used to determine the marital status of somebody or need to verify your own final arrangements with your ex spouse on the issues related to financial matter or property division. These records are made by the divorce court and maintained by the county’s clerk office. A lawyer can also assist you in finding records.

How to get free California divorce court records?

The very first website, to find the divorce records is to visit the government website. You can find online the link that is available to go on that website. Once you are on this website, type name, age and city of the residence. There are few documents that can be obtained from the site for $13 that provides all kind of information.

These records are freely available these days. You can also visit various websites providing information on these records free of costs.fow few websites fees are involved, but they are reasonable people make use of these records for many purposes. Top on the list can be purpose of remarriage or financial purpose. One of the famous website is publicrecordsguide.com.it saves time and money and provides complete results possible. It provides you with the tools and resources that can be needed to get the information more quickly.

The online divorce court record provides the same information which you can get from county’s clerk. You will be assured with the details which are accurate and acceptable for any legal proceedings. With this new method of getting the records, individual can save lot of time ad effort in the process of getting the legal documents.

Guidelines for obtaining the California divorce court records:

Write only the necessary information. Keep your request simple and brief to the point. Provide detailed information of the both the parties to avoid confusion. if you know the date and place where divorce was granted, mention that as well. Mention the exact reason for getting the records. For speedy delivery, include self addressed stamped envelope. The data available in the divorce records are accurate and reliable.

List of few county divorce court is mentioned, their contact number is also given in case you want to make any enquiry:

  1. Alameda County Divorce Records Telephone: (510) 272-6363 (510) 272-5069 for credit card orders.
  2. El Dorado County Divorce Records Telephone: (530) 621-5490
  3. Glenn County Divorce Records Telephone: (530) 934-6412
  4. Imperial County Divorce Records Telephone: (760) 339-4272
  5. Kern County Divorce Records Telephone: (661) 868-6400
  6. Lake County Divorce Records Telephone: (707) 263-2231
  7. Madera County Divorce Records Telephone: (209) 675-7724
  8. Nevada County Divorce Records Telephone: (530) 265-1221
  9. Orange County Divorce Records Telephone: (714) 834-3005
  10. San Francisco County Divorce Records Telephone: (415) 554-2700
  11. Yuba County Divorce Records Telephone: (530) 741-6341

The California divorce court records are not confidential .They can be easily viewed by people. One can find these records online also without spending a single penny. Information like date of divorce granted by court, information of divorcing couples. Reason to get divorce, place where divorce was granted, primary issues of family law are included.

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