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Arizona divorce court

Divorce court is the place where both the spouses seek for court’s decision to get separation. Each state has certain grounds and requirements to be fulfilled on which a divorce may be granted by the court. When you choose the ground for divorce, make sure you have sufficient proof which states that you are requesting for divorce on the grounds mentioned. Arizona divorce court grants the divorce to the parties only when they follow that state laws and requirements mentioned.

Arizona divorce court grants divorce on the grounds of fault or no fault basis. These grounds can be adultery, imprisonment, abandonment, physical abuse; the spouses have been living separate and apart for two years at least. Both the parties want to get divorced. If you do not fall under any of the mentioned grounds, then you cannot file petition for divorce.

In Arizona divorce is called as “dissolution of marriage”. It starts when you file petition of divorce and ends up with final decree. When parties file for divorce, they should also fulfill the residential requirements. Either of the party must be an Arizona resident for at least 90 days before filing. Your divorce can be finalized without the trail if both the parties agree on the issues primary issues. There is a 60 day waiting period required between serving the divorce papers to the spouse, and then court grating for divorce.

In Arizona divorce court primary issues are discussed, like:

  • Child custody: This issue is solely based in the welfare of child. Factors like parents wishes, Child’s preference child adjustment to home are included.
  • Alimony: the factors to be considered are marriage duration, physical and emotional condition of spouse, standard of living during marriage.
  • Property division: property owned before the marriage is “separate property” of that party. You must prepare a separation agreement stating the list of assets you want to divide.
  • Child support: child support is based on the factors like child financial resources, standard of living, physical and emotional needs and duration of parenting plan

Here how the process of Arizona divorce court works:

  • You will file the petition form .The filing fee will cost around $276 that is to be paid to the clerk of the superior court.
  • File the documents along with necessary divorce papers. You must file a sensitive data sheet, notice of convert health insurance and a summons. You get these documents at the superior court.
  • Serve the documents to your spouse. You have to serve the petition along with the other documents. You can use a registered mail to serve these papers.
  • The person served has 20days to respond. If respond is not received, the serving party can request for the default, which grants the serving party all the rights mentioned in the petition and other documents.
  • Once all the documents have been filed, there is a 60 day waiting period before the decree is filed. Once it is filed the divorce preceding will be finalized.

The process followed in Arizona divorce court is time taking costly process. The superior court in Maricopa County serves the party s children and families in need.

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