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Divorce court is the show that showcases only the issues involving divorcing couples. Out of the series airing in court-themed genre, divorce court is the oldest. The earliest version had twelve seasons with Judge Voltaire Perkins and Colin male as the courtroom announcer. In second version the judge was William B.kennee and Jim peck was the courtroom announcer and the host as well. The current version started in 1999, where Mabelean Ephraim was the judge till 2006 later Lynn Toler became the judge in September 2006.

Each episode in divorce court followed the basic formula:

  • Both the lawyers give an opening statement. This means they give a brief description about the case on which they are working.
  • The parties along with few witnesses explain their side of the story. Cross examination is made accordingly
  • The closing argument is made
  • The judge makes the decisions after hearing the side of each party.

The issues related to child custody, alimony, property division abuse, adultery, cruelty and other irreconcilable differences are discussed. Few issues were sensational cases like a father who was involved in his childrenís accident just to collect the insurance money or the woman organizing male striping parties has suspected her husbandís affair. If an issue of child custody was involved, the judge takes the interview of the children involved in the cases. Few high profile cases were also involved. This included celebrityís cases like case of Charles nelson Reilly

The reports sometimes interviewed the parties before each show. In few shows, the actorís were hired to play as a lawyer to increase the TRP of the show. For example in the year 1992, there was an episode in which one of the spouses was suspected to have an affair with her lawyer.

The divorce court offers information, materials and self help resources for parenting plan. Generally this process refers to the action that is related to divorce, legal separation, and annulment. In the episodes of current year version, the there are couples who had previously filed for divorce and had an argument about their cases before the court. Most of the cases involved, betrayal, trust related issues.

After listening to both the sides the judges makes the decision which has to be accepted by both the parties. The couples donít have control on the decisions made. The decision is in the favor of one the party and it is related on solving the issues of alimony and asset division. The decision made by the judges is legally acceptable. Before opting for divorce court it is necessary for the parties to agree on the terms of divorce. The series has gained lot of popularity and maintained it from the long time.

Divorce court is the longest running court show with total twenty nine seasons. It has more judges than any other court show. It is also been revived than any other court show. The current version of the show is produced by the 20th television and is broadcasted under FOX Company.

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