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Remaining friends after divorce

After getting divorced, the feelings like bitterness and rage for your ex are the most common off springs. Although these feelings are genuine, yet they are negative in nature and in some way or the other hamper your own personality and outlook. As the time will pass by, the level of bitterness within may go down. This can be the perfect time of taking a decision that you can be now just friends with your ex. Given below are some tips which will help you stay as a friend with your ex.

Recall the good old times: The person who was once your spouse must be having something special about because of which you two were together. Although the lap of time showed you bad times indeed, yet there must be some characteristics about this person which you admire till date. Take a note of such characteristics and initiate a friendly relation which involves absolutely no romance. Also make sure you make the person realize that what all you liked about your relation and that person as an individual. It would indeed be a positive point of your characteristic.

Do not forget to apologize: After the sessions of fighting, blaming and weeping are over, try to talk to this person. Subsequent to the proposal of your friendship, make sure you apologize to this person. This will not only let your ex spouse come over the negativity within but also will stir within the feeling of deep respect. This may also result in your spouse also apologizing for the wrongs which were done by him/her. This will prove to be an immensely good way of getting rid of the pain and guilt you were still bearing within and will also be something great which your kids might enjoy.

Communicate in a balanced manner: Try to communicate in a balanced manner with your ex spouse. Do not initiate any discussion topic which might get haughty. Try resolving the issues which were left unresolved and also ask you spouse to communicate to you whatever he/she has deep within. Discuss you life, how it is going now, if you are seeing someone then let your ex spouse know of it before your kid does.

So, if you are a divorcee, be the first one to take the step and put a friendship proposal before your ex. It will not only create mutual respect but will also lessen his/her pain if your are seeing someone or are getting married again. Apart from it also there are numerous advantages and benefits of getting into friendship ones again. I wish you all the best if you’re actually inspired to get back your ex spouse as a friend.

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