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Recovering your self esteem

Divorce is one of the hardest trials life can ever take. Even if the decision of divorce is mutual, it is for sure the most trying time in the life of a couple. In case it is not mutual, the party which was blind about the decision undergoes a situation which is far more traumatic then the one which has made the final verdict. The feeling of low self esteem or the question ’what’s wrong with me?’ often harks the mind of an individual. Here are a few tips which can prove to be immensely helpful in recovering the self esteem of a person who has lost it all in the due course of a bad marriage or separation.

Speak it out; give a vent to your feelings: To overcome the situation of low self esteem which has been lost in the due course of separation, a good way to recover it back would be to talk to someone. This someone can be a trusted close friend, family member, relative or anyone you feels understands you well.

Confide you feeling: If you’re seeking a counselor’s help then make sure you confide all your feelings to him/her. Be honest to yourself as well as the counselor in revealing what you actually feel about the entire issue.

Maintain a journal of your feelings: Maintaining a journal is one of the best ways to give your feelings a vent. You can either prepare an online journal or just a paper journal where you can jot down whatever is there in your head.

Rediscover yourself: A way of gaining back your lost self esteem is knowing who you actually were before this bad marriage. Indulge in some of the activities or hobbies you usually indulged in before marriage. IN case there were some activities which fascinated you after marriage but you could not do it just because of responsibilities then try your luck in them as well. In a nutshell, take out time for your own self.

Let that negativity fly away from your soul: After maintain a journal, speaking to a trusted person and consulting a counselor, make sure those negative thoughts do not capture your mind. Promise yourself from within, that you won’t let that negativity rule you and you’ll move on in life with a positive note.

Apart from the given measures to recover the lost self esteem after divorce, other things one can try out are socializing and making new friends. Last but not the least, one of the thought which a divorcee should always keep in mind is that whatever happened, there was a hidden reason behind it and the reason was just there to do long term good to you. Accept the fact that you are now a separate individual and accept the life as it comes, for sure it must be having something good for you in store.

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