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Making new friends after divorce

If you are the one who’ve been treated badly by life and now separation or divorce is the end of a relation which had seen golden days in the bygone times then believe me, its not the time to repent but the moment to move on. This is the time when you might loose the relations which became an important part of your life just because of your ex. Some of his friends, some of your in laws may turn a back to you just because of this separation. But this should for sure not be a reason to add on to your woes. This is the time when you should become active in social life and enjoy moments with some of your old friends and also indulge in new friendships. At times it is hard or hesitating to indulge into new friendships, here are some steps which might help you enter into friendship that you might remember for whole of your life.

Indulge into socializing: The best way to earn some of the great friends for yourself is to socialize. Be social, move out and meet your old friends. Make a part of the social gatherings and also try arranging some. Meet and see new as well as old people in these gatherings. Being single after marriage is as justifiable as being single before marriage, so need not be ashamed of the fact that you are single again.

Dig out the contacts of old friends: Try and dig out the contacts of your good old friends. Plan up gatherings with them, meet them, socialize and tell them how much you missed the times that you people have spend in the good old days. These are those assets of your life which treasure you and value you in all ups and downs of life.

Become a part of the support or self help group: One of the productive steps you can take for yourself is joining a support group. At times you might feel that your old friends and relatives are just forging you with their fake understanding and empathy. If you’ve actually got this air then need not take the help of their shoulder, rather move and join a self help center or group. Here you’ll see that there is a pool of people with whom you can make great friends. Do not hesitate to make friends with other jovial people here.

Join online friendship networks: One of the steps you ca take for yourself is join online network of friends. There are numerous communities and friendship networks where you can easily register and get great friends. You can also find number of websites of the net which helps the divorcees to get into fresh friendships and commitments. Create a profile on some of such websites and find great friends there.

So, if you’ve undergone a separation then it is not the time to be melancholic endlessly rather, it is the time when you should check out the other options which life has in store for you. Unwind your wigs and see what all options are there kept just for you.

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