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Introducing new partner to your kids

If you are a divorcee and have indulged into post divorce dating then it is one of the very positive sign that you’ve learnt how to move on in life. It is one of the great phases of your life which might restore your positive attitude, confidence level and also relieve you from the sickening loneliness which was actually eating you from within. Being a positive note in your life, it could be a rough situation for your kid to handle. The best way to introduce a new partner is to be considerate and also follow the given tips while introducing your date to your child.

  1. To maintain a good rapport and a two way communication with your kid try to cut the undue pressure and stress level at your place. In a peaceful environment it is always better to bring to notice of your kid something important and new. It is also advisable to bring to your ex’s notice that you’ve been seeing someone and ensure that introducing the new partner to your kid won’t cause him/her any trouble.
  2. After this acceptance also, go slow. Your kid might not be mature enough to accept your divorce and your new relationship in a smooth manner. Your kid might take his own time to accept the change in your as well as his life.
  3. The first introduction of your new partner to your kid must be done in a low key. The meet should not be a formal and binding one. It should be casual like in a bowling area, shopping center, etc.
  4. During the first meeting make sure you’re not very casual with your partner. Even though you’ve been seeing each other for quite long time and must also be sharing a certain comfort level but the kid is new to all this and it may be a bit shocking to him if he notices your closeness.
  5. If anytime, you and your partner a planning an overnight stay then it should not happen too soon without the kids acceptability or in a secretive manner. This might just paint the whole picture in a negative manner. Let your kid accept your partner as a guest first and then let the other stages come gradually.
  6. One of the natural emotions of a kid when mentioning the name of a new partner is jealousy. A cure to this jealousy is devote a lot of time to your child and do not let him feel ignored when you are with your new partner. Reassurance to your kid that he’s/she’s the most important person of your life is very important.

So, after facing the difficulties of a divorce if you are going out with a new partner it is not at all taboo. There is a stage in the life of every divorcee in which he/she comes to realize that there is a need of new partner to let the life keep going. So if your new partner has already entered your life, do not be ashamed of it rather introduce it to your kid in a proper manner.

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