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If you are not only a husband but also a father who is seeing the awful days of divorce then this is the time when apart from thinking about yourself, think about what your child must be undergoing. This is the time when you are probably spending the last days with your kid. It may be or may not be possible for you to get the custody of your child. So in these moments rather than venting your pressure here and there spend some of the best moments of your life with your kid. There may be chances that you may get the custody of your kid but a horrible fact is that till the time the mother of minor is not found to be irresponsible and negligent, she generally takes over the custody of her child. Now here are some of the really precious tips which a father must keep in mind at the time of his divorce.

Assess yourself if you are prepared to take your Childs custody: If you are in the mood of fighting a case of Childs custody along with divorce then sit back and assess yourself. It is not mix the two issues; your tussle with your wife is a completely different issue from the custody of your child. Think deeply about who is it, from both of you can be a better single parent. Be honest because at the end of the day it is the matter of the life of your child. Think again and take an honest decision.

Get clear details of the Visitation rights: If you are the one who has lost the case of your Childs custody or are not fighting for it but you surely love your child dearly then get a favorable copy of the Visitation rights. When demanding the visitation rights make it clear that they should be bestowed in your relationship in generosity. These rights will not only give you the freedom to visit your child but also to take good care of your child whenever needed.

At the event of divorce let your relationship with your child be healthy: There are times when fathers often lose the hope that they’ll be getting the custody of their child and starts behaving in an indifferent manner with the kid. Do not let this situation come, try to maintain the rapport you always shared with your kid. This will add on to your visitation rights.

Keep a check your temper: If you have a big temper then try to keep a check on it as a hint of your anger may work in a drastically negative way for you. This is usually a tool used by women to restrict you to meet your child anytime in future. Keep a hold on tour temper and save yourself from getting the restraining orders.

In all, if you are getting your child’s custody there can be nothing better than it but in case you are not getting it, these are some of the points you must keep in mind to maintain a healthy relation with your child lifelong. Pay heed to these points and earn your self a peaceful life ahead.

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