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Dealing with divorce depression

One of the common offshoots of divorce is depression and dealing with depression is one of the gradual processes which demands high level of patience and understanding. If are the one who’ve faced separation in your marriage and are feeling it difficult to cope up with the situation then, believe me its high time for you to get out of it. The feeling that all your dreams are now shattered and you are not worth any commitment is one of the worst things one can think after a separation. In the hour when you’ll be leading a life where your ex is no more a part of life, here are some ways to combat depression which might have entered your life in the form of sadness, sorrow, anger, bitterness or guilt.

Create a nurturing environment around yourself: In this hour of crisis, when care and nurturing is one of the necessities of your life, try to be the one who is self sufficient. Make the environment around you such that it makes you happy. Try giving your bedroom a new look. Choose the color schemes of your room walls, curtains, bed spread, hangings etc. the way you preferred it to be before marriage. Create a section in your living place where there a corner for you where you can indulge in your hobbies.

Remember, the shoulder of your family and close friends is always there for you: In this critical hour of your life, remember you can turn to the people with whom you are really close. You may at times see some people whom you’re really close to repelling from you. The reason behind this repulsion is not that they’ve started hating you but because they are short of words as this is neither a time to congratulate nor a moment when a sorry note would work. Try t communicate and let them know about your inner feelings and observe the drastic change in their attitudes. Don’t let the feeling of being unwanted touch your life.

Joining self help groups surely helps: It is not at a myth that self help groups are immensely supportive and helpful in coping with depression. Search for news papers, magazines or on the net about the nearest self help center and make haste in joining it. Letting out the hurting thoughts from within is one of the best natural ways of overcoming signs of depression.

Socialize, as you’re a precious part of the society: Believe me it is not the time when you should revert from the society but the moment when you can actively participate and show your real self before the society. Make plans and see your old friends, relatives with whom you’ve not been in touch for long. Meeting people and an out going attitude is the best ways of combating depression.

Apart from the given points also make sure you eat well. A balanced and healthy diet should also make an essential part of your life as essential nutrients along with supplements help immensely in fighting the evil of depression. Working out in gym or joining yoga centers also help in releasing stress. So, if you feel that life has treated you badly, then it is the time when you should treat yourself in a way that you always wanted to. Follow this regime and notice the drastic change that captures your life.

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