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Divorce indeed is the most painful time one can ever go though in life. After having a divorce, one usually is not able to spot avenues which would carry a neutral opinion to the situation. Generally the shoulders one takes the support of are biased. The entry of these biased people adds on to the negativity which a divorcee holds for another. Their undue support of these people makes a person feel that hes/shes never been wrong and all what has happened is just because of the other party. This is indeed one of the negative aspects which one comes across when friends, relatives or family members counsel the divorcee. To avoid such a situation it is always must to get in touch with a divorce counselor who bearing a neutral attitude will bring to the flashlight the wrongs committed by both the parties so that the resentment within simmers down. Here are some tips which might help you to find a right divorce counselor.

  1. While selecting a counselor keep in mind that the person is a licensed professional of mental health. This implies that these professional should be sanctioned by the state for practicing and moreover they should also hold a certificate of the same to be recognized as a credible professional.
  2. Another point you must consider in choosing a therapist is your comfort level with him. There is a term called chemistry and this is what holds an important role between you and your counselor.
  3. The counselor you select must have significant experience as a therapist having dealt with cases of divorce such as parenting after divorce, surviving after divorce, adjusting after divorce, recovering after divorce, etc. It is not at all a mater of shame to ask the counselor about his past experiences in the field as it is not only a matter of your finances but also matter of your mental and emotional condition. So inquire well before concluding on any decision.
  4. Another issue you must peep into is if you are a single parent then your counselor must not be biased for any of the parent before the child. The counselor should be the one with whom not only you but also your child shares the comfort level.

In all, choosing a right therapist after a divorce is in itself a difficult task, so before jumping on conclusions make sure you dig out the given points in the therapist you finally depend upon. This will not only release you anxiety and stress level but will also help you to move on in life.

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