Is divorce harmful to children?

Divorce apart from being a devastating event it also causes harm and permanent damage for the children involved. Children after their parents divorce are unsure of what is expected out of them and how they would be living their lives.

Divorce is known to cause a permanent damage on the well being of the child, as they are frightened and confused. Divorce is known to shake up the childís security and stability.

Is divorce harmful to children?

Divorce can be very harmful to the children, if parents donít make an effort to protect and shield their children from the harmful and disastrous effects of divorce.

The childís development can come under a lot of strain, unless the parents make a collaborative and conscious effort to protect the child from negative and destructive feelings which come along with divorce.

Effects of divorce on children-

  1. Children after their parents divorce become much more aggressive towards their teachers and their parents. Children are known to come under depression, find it difficult to get long with their peers and also face learning difficulties in school.
  2. Children from divorced parents often require psychological help. They are not comfortable with the idea of marriage and are likely to divorce themselves and prefer not to marry again. It has also been shown that children of divorced parents become sexually active early in life and are also more likely to produce children out of the institution of marriage or wedlock.
  3. Children undergo feelings of betrayal and hurt. Children after their parents divorce loose control over their activities.
  4. In the midst of divorce children experience a wide range of emotions. Children feel anger; anger is often directed towards their parents for the situation they are in. Children also undergo feeling of guilt, as they feel that their parents have seperated because of them. They feel divorce is their fault.
  5. When parents divorce children are known to experience grief and feeling of loss. They feel they would loose out on the love and affection they were used while their parents were married.
  6. Boys and girls are known to react to divorce is a different manner. Boys tend to become hyper, aggressive, angry and cause a lot of disruptions. They are also more likely to take to substance abuse such as drugs and alcohol.
  7. When parents divorce girls tend to become much more quiet and reflective. Girls show signs of anxiety and depression. Depression is mainly caused since girls tend to keep their emotions and feelings bottled up. Girls also tend to become sexually active at young age.

Donít let your children get involved in the conflicts at home as this would have a direct effect as how they would handle their relationships in the future. After your divorce you should support and talk it out with your children. Donít neglect your children during divorce.

As a parent you should try and bring in the positive effects of divorce on your children. Work towards telling your children that your feelings would not undergo any sort of change after divorce.