How to tell children about divorce

Children are very sensitive to the nuances in the house they live in. Though your divorce maybe an amicable decision the children would have to be informed about the same in a settled manner. Divorce and seperation leave a huge impact on the well-being of the children.

In the midst of divorce you would have to talk your children in a way that would make them feel comfortable and at ease with the situation. Each decision which you take would have a direct impact on your children.

How to tell children about divorce-

  1. To help your children out of the divorce process it would be important to know when and how to tell your children about divorce. It would be wise to keep in mind the ages of your children, the maturity of your children, own individual preferences and the conflict level in your house.
  2. The manner in which you could tell your children about divorce would mainly depend on the divorce situation in the house.
  3. If you and your partner are less hostile and amicable towards your marriage dissolution that would lower the level of stress for your children and it would be much easier for your children to come to terms with the entire situation.
  4. Avoid being bitter and bad mouthing your partner in front of your children. In the long run what you say about your partner would have impact on how your child behaves with the other parent.
  5. To maintain the peace of mind of your child, maintain civility in the house. When the atmosphere is calm in the house it would be much easier for you to let your children know about your divorce.
  6. Talk to your children in a manner which will not leave them insecure and scared. Your children would have to know that their life wouldn’t change after divorce. Divorce should not come to them as a shock or as a surprise. Your children should know that your marriage did not fail or come to an end because of them.
  7. Your children would require an explanation as to why you are getting divorced and the main reason behind your decision. Be honest with your children at all times without making any false promises. Don’t be negative about divorce; tell them divorce is the most suitable option for their parents and the family.
  8. You should always keep in mind that children are entitled to love both parents and they also have a right to spend quality time with both parents to nurture a healthy parent-child relationship.
  9. Make your children feel secure and reassure them that things would not change for the worse. Let them know in advance as to where they would be living, where they will go to school and how their daily activities would not get disrupted.

At times when it is very difficult to tell your children about your impending divorce, you can take the help from a counselor. Your counselor would be able to guide through the process with simple and easy to follow strategies to deal and inform your children about the divorce.