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Divorce Guide

How to support children through divorce

Divorce is a very difficult time for the parents as well as for the children. Divorce takes a toll on a person physically and emotionally. Children when compared to adults are more sensitive to the problems at home. It very essential to guide children and provide support for them through divorce.

You would have to work continuously to prove that you love your children and make it a point to tell them that your failed marriage was not their fault.

How to support children through divorce-

It is a fact that children from broken families are more susceptible to crimes and substance abuse. Divorce has a huge impact on children and you would have to protect them from frustration, fear and sadness. Your children would require support at all times to deal with emotional strain and mental trauma.

Tips to support children through divorce-

  1. When it comes to your children you and your partner must put aside anger and bitter feelings towards each other in front of the children. The child care arrangements which you make must be suitable for the children. It would much better and suitable if the parents decide on the child care arrangements rather than leaving it on the court to decide.
  2. To support your children through divorce, you and your partner must try and work as joint custodians for your children. Work towards redefining your relationship with your ex-spouse. Be responsible for the children and also create stability for your children.
  3. Do not try and keep your divorce as a secret from your children. Children are liable to know what is going on in the house and what they are in for. It would be advisable to give your child enough time to deal with divorce and with the questions which are in the mind. You should reassure your child nothing would change for them and their parents would continue to love and care for them like before.
  4. You should tell your children that both the parents are worthy of receiving respect from the children. Do not disrespect your partner in front of your children as this would harbor negativity and resentment.
  5. When talking to your children donít put blames on anyone. Do not talk bad about your partner in front of your children. Your children should be rest assured that they still have parents they can depend upon.
  6. Children should be made aware that you and your partner would not be coming back together in the future. Your children should also know that nothing they can do to get the parents back together. Avoid showing feelings of anger, fear and confusion before your children as they would also feel the same. Talk your children, listen to them and help them get done of emotional trauma.

When your children get the right support and guidance from you during divorce, they are more likely to remain strong and deal with the situation in a better manner. You should remember that you can still lead a happy life with your children even after divorce.

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