How to reduce child support

You may want to reduce your child support as it is affecting you economically. If you are making child support payments, you will have to continue to pay the required amount until you modify the child support payments. This helps you in improving your image or else you will be seen as a parent unwilling to meet your obligations. It may show as if you do not care about your child and may hinder the reduction in the child support payment. You should also understand that, the attorney might also ask for interest payments on child support payments in case there is a default. It is always recommended to make cheque payments, as they are traceable.

You will have to check the local laws of your state in case of any doubt regarding reduction in child support payment and filing for the same.

  1. You can appeal in the court to reduce the child support if your income has declined. If your income has reduced by more than 20%, you should immediately file for an appeal.
  2. If you have become unemployed after the payments of child support were calculated, you can appeal for reduction in child support.
  3. You have an argument to make about certain circumstances that you feel the court did not take into consideration while deciding child support. This may include other responsibilities like custody of another child, financial hardships, etc. Steps to follow when you file for a reduction in child support:

    Gather information on your finances:

    1. current pay stubs,
    2. older pay stubs,
    3. documents showing increase in medical expenses
    4. day care cost
    5. other fees you are paying for your children
    6. complete child support worksheet
    7. submit liabilities so the judge may know how to reduce the child support amount

    How to fill the application for child reduction:

    1. Pick up the application from family courthouse or child support office
    2. Fill complete form
    3. Include expenses or attach a photocopy of the worksheet
    4. Attach copies of your pay stubs
    5. Other documents showing additional expenses

    How to file the application for child support

      After completely filling the application, you will need to file itin the court room
    1. You will have to pay the filing fee
    2. Get the hearing date after your application is accepted
    3. Make sure you attend the hearing or else your application will not be considered

    The judge will decide if there may be any reduction in the child support payments. An order will be entered that overrides the current support order. The new order will become effective immediately after it is entered.