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How to live together before a divorce

Divorce apart from causing to blow to personal relations; it also causes a blow to the finances. If not taken care of divorce can turn out be quite a costly event. Before your divorce is through it would be wise to live in an amicable and peaceful manner.

How to live together before a divorce-

Before your divorce is through and you still have to live in the same house along with your children, you should make sure that the atmosphere is peaceful.

Steps on how to live together before a divorce-,

Set rules: It is extremely important to set rules for the living arrangements. Setting rules is important so that one can avoid unnecessary fights and conflicts. One should work towards setting rules for money contributions, chores and spending time with children.

Avoid big arguments: You as a couple must set important rules in the house which must be followed under all circumstances. Arguments in the house must be avoided and one would also have to avoid Ė prohibiting of past events, cursing, past conflicts and defamatory name calling. Fights and arguments would have to be avoided so that the situation does not get worse for the family and more so for the children.

When fights occur in the house one should-

  1. Avoid major and explosive arguments. Distract your mind with some fun activity and do anything which would remove negative thoughts. Switch your mind to something positive- you can ease the mind by going to the gym or for a walk.
  2. Focus on important issues. Instead of wasting your time and energy focusing on superficial issues, it would be better to focus on important issues. Avoid bringing up old issues and get to the real issue.
  3. Listen intently. Listen to what your partner is saying. Be patient and see what your partner is getting to.
  4. Avoid mocking or criticising your partner. Avoid abusing or mocking your partner when fights occur. What you say during fights maybe held against you during your divorce proceedings. Refrain from showing your anger and frustration on your partner.

Donít flaunt your partner in front of your ex: Avoid flaunting your present partner in front of your ex. Flaunting your partner or your date would make your ex angry, which would lead to further outbursts and fights in the house. Flaunting your date would also provoke your ex.

Keep your children away from conflicts: Children are more sensitive to problems in the house than adults. Children are known to be most adversely affected by divorce. They feel that your divorce is due to them and they take every conflict to heart. When with children pretend to be like a family.

Remember to address problems as soon as they arise. Addressing a problem when it is small, would allow you tackle it in a better manner.

You should realize that no one perfect and divorce is quite a common event. Work towards keeping your life balanced and ensure you spend quality time with your children under all situations.

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