Getting your spouse to pay child support

If your divorce is final, it is not difficult getting your spouse to pay child support. You have to file for child support following the proper procedure. You will also have to submit some important documents for the same.

The first thing you should do is to see the reason why the other parent is not paying the child support. Both the parents are equally responsible for the payment of child support. It is a big burden if one of them does not pay, as his created financial hardships for the other parent. The parent not paying the child support should be given a chance to pay the arrears. If they still do not pay, then you can approach the judge and let them know.

This non-payment of child support may be due to some extenuating circumstances. Loss of job and hard time finding one could be one of the possible reasons. Since, there is obligation; the parent must take whatever is available until things change for the better.

In case of serious issues, you can contact the local child support office. You can see what steps can be taken so as the matter of arrears in child support can be solved. This may help in case your partner has left town and watching the social security number will show where he/she has begun working.

In case tax returns are filed, you should make sure the IRS knows about the default regarding payment of child support. This money can be taken out of any refund they may be expecting to get back.

If your ex is not paying child support for no reason, you can always file a complain. This is serious as this could be that your ex is avoiding responsibilities or simply playing with your emotions. He/she could be waiting for things to slide down and feel that you will do nothing in the matter. Raising children is an expensive affair and both the parents should pay for the children so that the child will have a normal upbringing.

You should ignore the fact that you were once married and how you feel when it comes to asking money for your children’s support. Any responsible will want to make sure their children are well supported and have no problems in paying child support.

This does not mean that anyone who misses a payment is a bad parent or is not living up to their responsibilities. The fact is that once you have children, they are your responsibility no matter what. You have to support them till they become of legal age and you have to plan this. You need to have a back up plan for the child’s up bringing expenses. It is justified for you go to any length to make sure your spouse is paying the child support regularly.