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Divorce effects on children

Children are worst hit and traumatised by divorce. The child’s psyche after their parents separate changes and they feel extremely unstable. As the children realise and know that they would longer be living with both parents they feel stressed.

Divorce mars the child academically, emotionally and mentally. The child’s mind is known to be extremely vulnerable and divorce has capability of causing a permanent damage to a child’s way to thinking.

Divorce effects on children-

The child is put through a lot of mental turmoil before and after divorce. Before divorce the child gets to see vociferous and acrimonious arguments between the parents. When the parents argue, the child gets confused as who they would like to support and which parent they like. During the pre divorce time the child in most cases is forced to like one parent.

The child begins to incorporate negative feelings about marriage on the whole. They are confused as how a relationship between a husband and wife must be. In some cases the impact of divorce is so strong on the child, that he/she looses faith on the institution of marriage. The child begins to feel aversion towards marriage along with feelings of anger, resentment and anguish.

The child begins to feel lonely after divorce; they tend to become a recluse during social gatherings. When either of the parent they are staying with begins to date, they think they may get married and the marriage may again fail.

When the parents fail to provide emotional support to their children during any crisis due to being busy, the children start looking for emotional support from their friends. If the friends are a bad influence the child can thereafter get into substance abuse in the form of drugs, smoking and alcohol.

Children in some cases also incorporate suicidal and violent thoughts. Feelings of fear, rejection from any one parent and anxiety become strong after divorce. Children also become irritable for no reason.

Anger is usually felt because of helplessness and guilt, because they couldn’t bring their parents back together. Children when angry become defiant, destructive and break rules.

Post divorce and children-

After divorce the child would have to take the situation in his/her stride. Children would have to make the required adaptations for a smooth beginning. The best thing for the child would be to accept divorce and adapt to the new surroundings.

The parents after divorce must not forget the role towards their children. The parents must make sure that nothing changes for their life and their daily routine. The children should be made to feel as important as before.

The parents on their part must not vent their frustration on the child. The child must not be pressurized to take any sides.

After your divorce is through, you must talk to your child on a regular basis. Remove feelings of mistrust and anger from your child. One can ensure a smooth sailing life for the child when divorce is handled in way which has no affect on the child.

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