Children of divorce and the holidays

Children when on a holiday love to see both their parents a part of their holidays. Holidays are a fun time for children and divorced parents spoil all the fun. The parent who goes with the child on holidays has to try extremely hard and make the time memorable for the child.

Children after their parents divorce miss their other parent and feel shuffled around. Children sometimes also have to cope with feelings of guilt of having to leave the other parent behind.

Children of divorce and the holidays-

Children of divorced parents during holidays have to cope with feelings of sadness, anger, frustration and confusion. The holiday season is worst season for the children of divorced parents. Children firstly miss the other parent being around and they also feel sad when they think of the past holidays which were spent as a family.

Children of divorced parents feel exhausted and overwhelmed as they feel anxious with the excess chaos. They also feel caught in the middle between both the parents who they love and respect.

Children, divorce and the holidays-

As a parent and to make your child enjoy the holiday season one can follow the following measures-

Be cordial towards your ex partner: The manner in which you deal with your ex will make the children understand that the situation is not all that bad. When you are cordial with your ex, the children would at least feel that their parents are friends.

Be appreciative and offer understanding: You should keep in mind that your children would like both their parents to be around during the holidays. Sometimes so as not to cause discomfort for the parent, children begin to hold back their emotions and feelings. You should let your child know that he/she can express how they are feeling and what they experiencing. Let your children know that their feelings are normal and you are there for your children to listen and lessen the stress for them.

Let your child decide: When parents divorce, children often feel that they would not have any say for the holiday season and how they would like spend their holiday time. Some children prefer to spend their holiday season with their friends rather than with the non-custodial parent. Your child would prefer an option where he/she can bring their friends along for the holiday season. Inform your children in advance about the holidays, so that they know what to expect.

Give your child time to vent out frustrations and keep the time together simple, your child should not feel burdened with the situation. Ensure you give your child space and allow your child to have contact with the other parent via phone calls or emails during the holiday season.

Remember not to express your frustrations on the children, as this would have a negative impact on the children. As a parent you should be considerate towards your children at all times. You should be aware of how your children feel and how best you can make them enjoy the holiday season.