Child support rights

Child support rights are a combination of various rights. These include the child support rights of non-custodial parents, child support fatherís rights, child support motherís rights, child support visitation rights, etc.

Child support rights of non-custodial parents

  1. Child support rights of non-custodial parent mainly includes the parents rights over their children. It relates to issues of child support payment, modification in child support amount, etc. these rights also include issues related to visitation and contact with the child.
  2. You can also fight for your rights in case the custodial parent is alienating the children with negative remarks and withholding information about the child.

Child support Childrenís rights

It includes the rights of children for economic help from both the parents. it also includes the rights of the child over issues related to custody, and care. It includes their rights to have contact with both the parents.

Child support fathers rights

  1. Many a times it so happens that the courts generally favor the mother and grant her the custody of the child. The father is left to pay the child support if ordered by the court. There is such a thing as fatherís rights that ensures and encourages visitations for fathers paying child support. These fathers rights can be used in cases where the mother refuses him to allow him to see their children but the father has to pay child support. In such cases, the father has been stripped of his rights to meet his child. Unfortunately, these fathers do not receive any help from attorney generals office as they do not deal with visitation enforcement.
  2. There are also some ways to modify child support payments based on the most current income and not the previous ones.

Child support mothers rights

  1. Mothers are usually considered as the primary care givers to their child. However, in a number cases the father is a natural choice and is awarded the care and custody of the child. It is hence, essential that mothers wake up to mothers right over the childís custody. In addition, she should be aware of the child support motherís rights.
  2. Though many single mothers are into full time jobs, childcare eats into too much of their salaries. This leaves them struggling to meet the household expenses. These mothers can enforce child support through motherís rights enforcement program.
  3. Motherís rights to child support have been recognized throughout the USA. It is considered as essential factor in bringing up the child as a single parent. Every state recognizes child support enforcement program. The father is located by the agency and issued with child support. Paternity tests are carried out if necessary. There are many mothers rights support services.

Child support visitation rights

  1. There is a parenting plan or visitation schedule. You as a parent have every right to use it and visit your child. You can rearrange the schedule in case there are occasional problems in visitation. You can make up for the lost time and in case there are any serious issues, you can work with a lawyer to get the order enforced in court.
  2. In most of the states, police can help with enforcing visitation order. But, you will have to think of the impact of such a action on your child. However, it is your right, you can make use of such things sparingly.
  3. Modifying visitation schedule is also one of your rights as it comes under child support visitation rights. You may need to change the visitation schedule as your child grows up. You can work this out with the custodial parent or seek the same in court. Either way, it should always be a written document.