Child support mediation

Mediation is a process in which a mediator is involved. This person is a trained neutral person who helps the parents involved to negotiate. This helps both the parties to come to a mutually beneficial agreement regarding child support and other issues. It is the parents that take a decision and the mediation helps them in the process.

The mediation makes the parents feel safe and comfortable. A trained mediation focuses on improving understandings and having communications. This helps in a constructive process about the issues in the dispute. Ideas, views and information are exchanged on what each parent thinks. It helps them to assess their financial situations and how they can provide for the child. Mediation focuses on plans for the future of the child and helps the parents to reach an acceptable solution and be winners. Since the agreements are voluntary, they do not need any external enforcement. It saves money in areas of court resources and enforcing agencies. The disputes are resolved faster and cheaper due to mediation. It also makes happy clients and less stressful lawyers.

Process of mediation in child support

The process of mediation is fairly well defined though it is an informal process. A typical mediation process has some steps.
  1. The trained mediator makes introduction and outlines the process and roles. The parties and attorney are explained the ground rules of the process
  2. The mediator asks for statements on the matter, in child support. Some doubts are clarified
  3. The mediator asks some more questions regarding the issues and ask for greater clarification
  4. The mediator talks with each parent separately while porposing solutions
  5. Misunderstandings if any are cleared and proposals aremade
  6. The mediator then works on some points of agreement and urge them to accept

Benefits of child support mediation

  1. The process is short and usually takes a day or two
  2. Mediation is less expensive
  3. Mediation allows both the parties to deal directly instead of the attorneys
  4. The most important benefit of mediation is for child support. This allows for a cooperation between the parents and reduces stress and anxiety in the lives of the children involved.

Drawbacks of child support mediation

  1. The decisions of the mediator are not binding
  2. If one of the party disagrees on the agreement the mediation process is a waste of time and is frustrating
  3. Unskilled mediator can do a lot of damage