Child support and alimony

In divorces alimony and child support create a lot of anxiety for the couple involved. Since it involves finances and a lot of complications, it is important to see these in great detail.

Alimony is the spousal support or maintainenance that is obligation established by divorce law. This is based on the lines that both the spouses have an absolute obligation to support each other during their marriage. Alimony is the extension of this support after separation.

Child support is one parent is required to contribute to support the child through the agency of the child’s other parent or guardian. It is intended to help pay the expenses involved in taking proper care of the child. This includes household expanses like rent, food, electricity, and other expenses like transportation repairs, laundry, etc. It is always a good idea to keep an account of these expenses. It will help you to see that the money is spent properly and to see if you are receiving the proper amount to cover the expenses.

Each state has guidelines that describe what is to be included in child support. It is seen that the amount involved in child support is affordable and parents willingly commit for more as they can provide extra for their children.

If the income is less, child support is considered first than alimony. In case of family law, the best interest of the child is an important principle.

Alimony child support tax deductible

Alimony is treated in a very different manner from child support with respect to taxation in the US. Alimony is deducted from the income of the paying spouse and treated as an income of the receiving spouse. Child support is the payment made for the support of your own child and is not considered as a payment. Child support is not at all taxable to either of the party. In this case, the child support needs to be mentioned separately as what is allocated as alimony and what is allocated as child support. If this is not done, this unallocated order is considered as alimony and though a part is for child supported it gets taxed. Tax consequences should always be considered in case of alimony and child support.

Child support calculator

Child support calculator is used only for the estimation. Judges take other factors into account at their discretion while determining the support amount. Every sate has a different calculator to figure out support. There is no universal child support calculator and hence it is wise to find the calculator of the state you live in. this is easily available in the state governments website or the states version of the department of children’s services.

Collection of child support and alimony

You can contact the attorney or local child support enforcement agency for child support. This will also help in obtaining an income deduction order or income withholding order. You can contact your attorney in case of alimony. For collection of both a order form is required that directs the government to pay monies for support or alimony.