Child relocation and time sharing

Change of residence or moving to another location is a major event in any childís life. Children feel strongly about locating to a new home and adjusting to new surroundings. As a parent you should make relocation and time sharing easy for your child.

Without keeping the age in mind, divorce has a huge impact on the well being of the child. Parents have to make it a point to make sure that divorce has minimal damage on their children.

Child relocation-

Child relocation involves the residence change of the custodial parent with the child. The non-custodial parent would have to deal with changes in regard to seeing their children on daily basis to week-ends and holidays. If the relocation is to a far off destination, the non-custodial parent can often be visiting the child less than four times in a year.

If the custodial parent is relocating to an area which is more than fifty miles from the non-custodial parentís home, a technical notice would be required. The notice would have to mention the new address, the phone number, the date of the move, the reason for the move and also a plan for visitation arrangements for the non-custodial parent.

In case the custodial parent does not provide a notice, the court has the authority to hold the custodial parent in contempt. Court can also stop the relocation and the have the children returned.

In cases where the non-custodial parent is not agreeable to the relocation, the court would determine what would be most appropriate for the children. The court would keep the following issues in mind: the age and needs of the child, the childrenís preferences, substitute visitation arrangements, reasons for move or objection, quality of life, good faith, employment opportunities for relocating parent, employment opportunities for non- relocating parent and if there is any history of substance abuse or if there is a history of domestic violence.

It is vital to remember that children require both their parents for love and support. Parents should make decisions by themselves so that their children grow up to be happy adults.

Child relocation and time-sharing-

The laws in relation to child relocation and time sharing differ from state to state. Parents have to meet the standard legal requirements in custody relocation laws. The court would stop the relocation, if the same affects the well being of the child. Time sharing laws also differ from state to state. Time sharing guidelines would have to be followed keeping with the court orders. The non-custodial parent has legal rights to spend quality time with their children after divorce.

While moving out, you must make sure that your children are happy with the move. Give your child all the security and affection which he/she deserves and reassure them all their belongings would be moving out along with the shift.

During child relocation and time-sharing, it is advisable to keep the interest of the child in mind always. As a parent you must see to what your child prefers and the arrangement which would work best for your child.