About Child Support

Child support is a very important issue which has to be taken into consideration after divorce. The parent who would be providing support for the child and one with who the child would be staying with would depend on the court.

Divorce has a devastating effect on the child. The child begins to feel stressed and is unable to cope with the situation. Both the parents should work towards a common goal and that should be to keep the best interest of the child at all times.

In most cases child custody is awarded to the mother and child support is given to the father. In cases where the mother is unable to meet the financial requirements for the child, she can ask for child support from the father.

About child support-

Child support mainly deals with the monetary help which would be provided for the child to the parent who would keep the child. The payment in relation to child support is made by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent. The payment is made so that the child receives the same lifestyle which was provided while the parents were married. The payment is usually made towards education and daily requirements.

In some cases where child support is not provided, the dependent spouse would have to seek legal help and hire a divorce attorney. Child support requires a legal procedure so that proper support is provided to the dependent spouse.

Child support payments in most cases are made for a certain period of time. The payments are usually made till the child completes his/her education or is employed. The financial capacity of the parent paying for support would have to be taken into account.

Since your wife would be bringing up your child, it would be essential that she receives monetary help from you. Taking on large responsibilities in directly linked to the amount of financial support required.

Factors which are linked to child support are-

  1. The financial condition of the parent
  2. The income of the parent
  3. The age of the children
  4. Basic living expenses
  5. Basic school fees
  6. Medical expenses during illness or disability

Child support and your lawyer-

If your financial position is good and you fail to provide support for your child, your ex-wife would take the help from a legal attorney. The legal attorney would determine your financial standing in court and state the reasons for you to provide child support. You should be honest with your lawyer at all times. He would require all your financial documents and know the amount of money you earn.

As a father you should always keep the best interest of the child in mind. You should always work to give the child a normal upbringing under all circumstances and situations.

Divorce is known to have a terrible impact on a child. With the right child support you can ensure that your child wouldn’t face financial difficulties in regard to education and good quality of life.