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Divorce is a matter of great concern especially where children are involved. Divorce child support laws of USA are very stringent regarding parents walking away from the children and ensure that they have greater responsibility of meeting the financial needs of their children despite of their divorce.

What is child support?

Child support is the financial support extended to the minor child for his/her financial requirements. Child support is provided till the child reaches the age of 18 years or has joined the Armed Forces of the nation and can meet his/her expenses. Different states have child support guidelines to arrive at a child support figure. The factors that are considered while determining child support figure are:
  • The incomes of both the parents.
  • The actual expenses on the child to meet the lifestyle he/she is leading.
  • The number of children involved which would obviously reduce the child support amount as the responsibilities on the custodial and non-custodial parent would vary.
  • Special medical and educational needs of the child are considered while determining child support.
A proportion of both the incomes of the parents are allotted as child support.

Child support enforcement

It is very unfortunate that many divorced parents fail to provide child support on time. Hence, a federal law states that in a divorce after 1994, it is mandatory for employers to automatically deduct stipulated amount of money from the wage of the employee and send it to State enforcement agencies, established to meet the child support requirements.

Parents who fail to provide child support can be heavily penalized or even arrested. Failure to pay child support is a contempt of court.

Child support is one of the most important children’s rights!
  • Child support order can be petitioned in the court for modifications. If the court is convinced that the earlier circumstances of child support in divorce have considerably changed, then the court may consider the plaintiff’s argument of a lowered or raised child support.
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