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Divorce is considered to be a pastime by some people; some of them consider it a serious fact that affects the life of two people. Nevertheless, famous divorce cases are considered to be one of the pastimes by some of them who like to read about divorces between the famous couples. So there are some interesting facts about the relationships between the couples and how they led into a divorce. These facts are explained below.

Some of the famous divorce cases are listed below:

  • Ray Parlour a famous football player and Arsenal had a long divorce settlement battle. Both got married in 1998 and had three children. They got divorced because of the differences of opinion between them. Following their divorce, the court granted Arsenal a capital award of $2, 50,000 and two mortgage free houses worth more than $1 million. Ray Parlour was ordered to pay $2,50,000 a year as a maintenance by the court, although he was ready to pay$1,20,000. On the other side Arsenal was not satisfied with the court amount so she along with Ray decided to appeal further to the court to reconsider the maintenance amount. The court ruled in favor of Arsenal by increasing the amount to $4,06,500 a year.
  • Another similar case was that of WPP group Chief Executive Martin Sorrell’s divorce with wife Sandra. Their marriage lasted for more than 32 years. The court ordered him to pay around $30 million in the settlement. Out of that, $23.5 million was to be in cash and the remaining was the two underground parking spaces in a departmental store.
  • Ally McCoist, also a footballer, was involved in the court battle with his wife Allison. Both of them were fighting for a $5 million divorce battle. Allison stated unreasonable behavior of McCoist as a ground for divorce. The couple had differences of opinion in their 12 years of marriage. McCoist had confessed about his alleged affair with an actress to his wife. After hearing this confession, Allison immediately filed for a divorce. Ally McCoist kept on dragging the hearing of the case by quoting many absurd reasons. At the end, the court warned the couple to settle down their financial issue or else they would have to face their case in public.
  • One of the famous divorce cases was that of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Diana, one of the famous women of the world, was accused by her husband of committing adultery. They got divorced in 1996. The media at that time earned huge money by publishing and telecasting the news about their divorce time and again. The news about their pre marital affair was speculated. Diana the iconic stature was noted for her charity work. All her charitable deeds were overshadowed by her marriage to Prince Charles. During early 90’s some chapters of her private life were revealed through many books, tabloid newspapers and other articles in all the magazines. The stories of her divorce were published all across the nation which gathered a huge amount of interest among the people.

These are some of the famous divorce cases that have caught the attention worldwide due to the presence of some of the most admired personalities.

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