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Divorce cases in India

India has achieved a great acclaim in the 21st century in the fields of science, technology and medicine. India had adopted western culture long time back and itís no surprise that along with that it also adopted divorce as a household term. So it doesnít come as a surprise that divorce cases in India are on a rise.

Reasons for increase in Divorces

There are several reasons for rise of divorce in India:

  • Financial freedom: India is considered to be a land of education and advancement. The younger generation of modern India seeks high quality professional education which qualifies them for highly paid jobs. They become ready to face the competitive world at a very young age of 20 or 21. Most of them are working when they are about to marry. This financial freedom induces them to free themselves from unwanted relationships.
  • Increased acceptance by family: Indian families have broadened their thinking in terms of marriage. A lot of families now, accept their divorced sons and divorced daughters in particular. Parents nowadays support the fact of their divorced children living without a spouse.
  • Life in big cities: People in big metro cities are less obligated to others. No one is interested in otherís life. This paves the way for one to lead his/her own life on owns discretion.
  • Deterioration of moral values: There is a clear deterioration of moral values in India. The current generation no longer abides by the traditional values which once were the corner stone of family life. This is one of the major reasons for the rise in divorce cases in India.
  • Stressful life: There is an increased competition in modern day life. The people are living a seriously strenuous life. Severe competition sometimes forces the employees to work 24/7. They are put under severe pressure by their company and as a result they avenge this frustration and tension on their partner at home. Such relationships do not last long.
  • Gender and professional rivalry: Women were supposed to lead a life of housewife in the past. They were supposed to look after their family and kids. This is not the story now. Modern advancements have brought about striking changes in the life of women in the society. There are lots of problems likely to arise in a family where both the spouses go for work. The major problem is that of sharing the house hold affairs.

The professional rivalry is increased if the woman earns more than her husband. This leads to the divorce in the family.

The points that are discussed above makes one understand about the causes for the rise of divorce in India. The times have changed now. The word compromise doesnít exist in anyoneís dictionary. Modern working woman want to keep her personal life intact. The norms of the society have changed with the growing financial independence among the women.

The new generation of women does not compromise to save their marriages. In big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai both the spouses work in a forceful competitive environment. This work pressure creates emotional problems between the spouses which most of the times reflect on their marital life. Divorce cases in India are on a stupendous rise because of all these reasons

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