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Divorce and Legal Assistance

Divorce is the process where you are lost from your day to day life. Everything seems to be hurting you. Your lifetime commitment with each other will come to an end. All your emotions and feelings for each other are no longer the same. Apart from the emotional attachments, all your finances are also washed away in the divorce procedures. Divorce cost is higher than the cost of marriage. You tend to lose everything if your divorce is a complicated one. There are certain government schemes which are available for divorce and legal assistance.

When your divorce is mutually agreed, then the cost may become less. But when the case is a complicated one, then you may need a lawyer to represent you which may be costly. Some of the couples can afford the cost of divorce and the cost of the lawyer too. But there are some spouses who cannot afford it. For those who cannot afford to pay, then legal aid will assist you in your financial conditions. The government will provide money for your case. This money comes from CLS. CLS means the community legal services fund. This is administered by legal services commission which is the legal aid board.

You may be helped for the legal funding, to speak to the lawyer or to have the lawyers write letters for you. This is called a legal help or a green form scheme. The person filing for divorce has to be on a low income to get the legal assistance.

The couples who meet the following requirements are eligible for divorce and legal assistance:

The couples who have income less than 125 percent of the federal poverty are eligible for assistance. These partners cannot afford the cost of divorce. But as they cannot survive with each other, they do not have any other option than obtaining divorce.

Any disabled spouse can apply for this assistance. Cancer victims can also apply for the same.

How to Apply for Legal Assistance?

  • You will have to ask your lawyer if they find you qualified enough for the legal aid.
  • A matrimonial funding form has to be completed and submitted
  • If you earn less than the described amount, then you will get the funding

So legal assistance is granted on the basis of the personís financial need and hence, you will need to give all the details of your expenditure and income to the legal service commission.

The commission should be satisfied with the grounds for you applying for legal help. Many people believe that legal assistance is free, but actually it is not so. You will have to pay a minimum amount depending on your income.

Follow the above mentioned guidelines to obtain divorce and legal assistance.

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