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Wyoming Divorce Alimony

Wyoming is an alimony state and based on the financial circumstances either of the spouses can be awarded with Wyoming divorce alimony. Alimony in Wyoming is also known as spousal support. Spousal support or maintenance is given to the spouse if the court finds that he or she is economically weak enough to maintain the quality of life that was enjoyed during the marital life. The court also considers how much contribution the receiving spouse has made for the welfare of the family, both financial and non-financial aids.

Since every state of US has separate divorce alimony laws, the Wyoming divorce alimony is also awarded based on specific litigation laws. A variety of divorce alimony can be granted by taking into account the nature of divorce and the economic status of both the spouses.

Types of Wyoming Divorce Alimony

Rehabilitative Alimony This form of alimony is awarded in order to promote employability skills to a spouse who is presently dependent but have the eligibility to get a suitable job on completion of the educational course or a career-oriented training that he or she is pursuing at the time of separation. This alimony is paid on a periodic basis and can be modified under circumstantial changes.
Lump sum alimony A lump sum amount can also be paid as alimony depending upon the necessities and financial status of the spouses. The amount of the lump sum alimony is the sum total of the monthly payments to be done in future. You are recommended to take the help of a certified layer regarding the nature of payment of alimony and especially if it is a lump sum as tax repercussions is a serious aspect that has to be dealt with.
Permanent Alimony This form of alimony is very rarely awarded as in most divorce cases the conditions applicable for the announcement of this form of alimony is noticed to be absent. If awarded, the alimony has no fixed time specified up till which it can be paid.

Alimony can only be terminated if either of the spouses dies or the recipient spouse remarries or starts cohabiting with another partner. The following are the conditions that may be favorable for terminating or modifying the duration and sum of alimony if the court deems it to be just.

Conditions for the Termination of Wyoming Alimony
  • If in case the payer spouse retires or is terminated from job
  • If there is an increase in the amount of financial resources available with the receiving spouse that is sufficient enough for him or her to maintain a decent standard of living.
  • If the receiving spouse engages himself or herself with another partner romantically and is in the habit of cohabiting.
If you have been facilitated with Wyoming divorce alimony you are advised to maintain a record of the time and amount of alimony that you are receiving for at least a continuous period of three years for your own convenience.

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