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Washington Divorce Alimony

Washington divorce alimony is awarded by the court with the objective of balancing the financial status of the spouses. If a spouse is found to be financially dependant on the other and is unable to maintain the standard of living led before divorce the spouse is most likely to be awarded with alimony or spousal support. The local court of Washington has provision for awarding alimony based on the views that are in accordance with the ‘economic partnership model’. The ‘economic partnership’ is modeled on the basis of the longevity of the marital life. You may take a look at some of the facts regarding awarding of Washington divorce alimony.

Washington Divorce Alimony Facts
  • Spousal support is mainly determined by taking into account the duration of the marriage life of the spouses.
  • Alimony is rarely awarded if the duration of marriage is very short. If a marriage has lingered to just about 2 to 3 years, the spouse is denied of a hefty sum of alimony.
  • Only on very special cases alimony is awarded even if the marriage has existed for a short period of time. If the court finds that the alimony seeking spouse is unemployed and has no capacity to earn along with almost negligible possession of property assets and is on the verge of ending on to street, the spouse is provided with the alimony support.
  • Alimony awarded in cases of a short marital life is generally for the maximum duration of 6 months that too of a mere sum of around $500 on a monthly basis till the receiving spouse finds a proper job to earn for a decent living.
  • Even after attaining a steady source of earning, the duration of the alimony can be extended only if a good cause is shown in the petition.
  • The court favors the spouse seeking the alimony if he or she has led a marital life of about 20 years or more. In such cases of long duration marriage life, the awarding of the alimony is termed as ‘evening out’ as because the alimony is granted as an attempt to balance the financial levels of the spouses.
Apart from marital life, there are several major factors for determining Washington divorce alimony.

The factors considered for alimony
  • Financial resources available with either of the spouses
  • The potential earning prospects and the work experience of the couple. The duration of work experience must include the time taken for the completion of the training course.
You are recommended to take the help of an experienced divorce lawyer before going a head with the petition of Washington divorce alimony.

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