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Vermont Divorce Alimony

Vermont divorce alimony is awarded to a spouse based on the discretion of the court. In Vermont alimony is more commonly known as maintenance support or spousal support. While making the decision on spousal support the child custody and child support are taken under consideration. The Vermont divorce alimony is awarded irrespective of marital status but the degree of support provided by the alimony seeking spouse to the other in order to help him or her in career pursuit is likely to be granted with alimony.

Types of Vermont Divorce Alimony

Permanent Alimony The payer spouse is entitled to pay this form of alimony for an indefinite time period unless either of the spouses dies. In case the receiving spouse remarries, he or she is no more eligible to receive payments. According to cohabitation clause, the payment of the alimony gets terminated the moment the receiving spouse starts living with another partner.

Lump sum The lump sum divorce alimony though generally paid at a single point of time. It is a contrast to the temporary form of alimony that is paid at equal installments.

Temporary The temporary alimony is paid for the time period of about 1 to 2 years. This form of alimony is paid to the spouse who enjoys a financial status similar to that of the other, but is at a stage of facing financial crisis in the initial post divorce period.

Rehabilitative The rehabilitative alimony is commonly awarded. It is awarded to provide support to the economically dependant spouse, who is presently pursuing skill development course or any educational training that would fetch him or her a good job of standard income.

The Factors for Determining Divorce Alimony
  • The financial resources available with both the spouses
  • The time duration required by the recipient spouse to become financially independent in the near future.
  • The quality of lifestyle enjoyed by the two spouses during the marriage life
  • The ability to pay the alimony by the payer spouse is also taken under consideration.
  • The incidence of inflation in the living cost of both the spouses
While going a head with the divorce procedure, you are recommended to consult an experienced divorce lawyer regarding the issues related to child custody, alimony and such. If your spouse has gained any educational degree during the marriage life, it can be considered as one of the determinants of awarding you with Vermont divorce alimony.

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