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Utah Divorce Alimony

The Utah divorce alimony is ordered by the court with an attempt to save the economically dependant spouse from any kind of public charge and also to maintain the equal standard of living that the other would be enjoying. The Utah divorce alimony is not a form of punishment but a help for both the spouses to enjoy the same standard of living. There are various factors that are taken under consideration while deciding whether the alimony is to be paid or not or if so how much.

The Factors for Determining Utah Divorce Alimony
  • The degree of need and the financial condition of the spouse seeking the alimony
  • The potential income generation capacity of the receiving spouse
  • The capacity of the payer spouse to maintain the standard of his or her won livelihood after paying the alimony for providing financial support to the other
  • The duration of the marital life
  • The awarding of child custody and the child support is also a matter to be considered while determining alimony.
  • The court also takes into consideration if the recipient spouse has worked or managed a concern owed by the payer spouse.
  • The spouse is entitled to receive the alimony if the court finds that he or she has contributed directly either financially as well non-financially to help the other spouse in his or her career pursuits or in accumulating of wealth.
  • In cases where the divorce seeking spouses have led a short term marital life and has no child issue, the court awards alimony in order to restore the financial status of both the spouses enjoyed during the time of marriage.
  • The alimony as compensation is granted to the spouse who has led a long marital life and has been divorced by the other spouse who has experienced a sudden rise in income on the threshold of the divorce. The spouse is entitled to receive the alimony if he or she has made considerable contribution in order to support the financially strong spouse.
In order to maintain equality in the living standard of the Utah divorce alimony, the court grants the alimony by following a definite formula. The net incomes of both the spouse is summed up and then the amount is divided into two. The resultant sum is structured in such a way that both the spouses enjoy a similar standard of living after meeting up the tax burden.

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