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Tennessee Divorce Alimony

In the year 2003, the court has modified laws related to Tennessee divorce alimony as planned by the Tennessee Bar Association Family Law Section and the code commission. A new form of alimony known as the transitional alimony has been introduced and also it is notified that during trial the court has the right to award more than one alimony to the economically weak spouse. The granting of alimony by the Tennessee court is one of the public policies by which the social economic disparity between the two spouses will be reduced considerably.

Types of Alimony

The Tennessee divorce alimony can be of four types. The following are the types of alimony that are granted by the Tennessee court.

Alimony in futuro – Alimony in futuro is awarded in case of long term marriages. This form of alimony is mainly granted when one of the spouses is unable to maintain the standard of living that he or she was enjoying before the dissolution of the marriage. For example, Steve and Jenny from Barlett, after leading a marriage life of 25 long years filed for divorce. Jenny being the owner of an accounting firm earning in six digits was asked by the court to pay alimony in futuro on a permanent basis as Steve is only able to earn a humble living by teaching music in a local school and also for taking care of the couple’s children.

Rehabilitative Alimony – The rehabilitative alimony is paid to the spouse in order to provide him or her the opportunity to develop marketable skills so that he or she is able to earn his or her own living. This form of alimony is mainly awarded in case of a short duration marriage and if the court finds that receiving spouse has sacrificed his or her career for the benefit of the other. For instance, Mary and John from Cordova have been married for five years and during this short span of marital life Mary had sacrificed her educational pursuits to support John to become a dentist. During the time of divorce Mary was awarded rehabilitative form of alimony for the span of two or three years until Marry re-develops her employability skills.

Transitional Alimony – This type of alimony is new in the court of Tennessee and it is awarded if the court finds it unnecessary to grant rehabilitative form of alimony. Transitional alimony is ordered if the spouse is about to face initial financial crisis after the divorce.

Alimony in Solido and Lumpsum Alimony – This form of Alimony is paid in case there is imbalance in the property division. For example Brad and Susan were stock brokers by profession and during their time of divorce neither of the two had enough money to pay the other the equity share. Their home, the largest asset was worth $80,000.00 and the court ordered Brad to pay the alimony in solido in monthly installments until the sum of 40,000.00 has been paid off.

There are several factors based on which the court decides to award Tennessee divorce alimony. If you are interested to know about the various conditions that are taken under consideration while granting alimony, you may go through the Tennessee Code of volume 6A, title 36 in sections 36-4-101.

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