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Pennsylvania Divorce Alimony

The Pennsylvania divorce alimony is awarded if there is a written agreement between the spouses prior to divorce. If the couple fails to come to any settlement regarding the sum and the amount of money to be provided as alimony or if at all the alimony should be provided or not, the court takes up the charge of deciding on the awarding of the alimony or the spousal support.

There are various types of Pennsylvania divorce alimony depending upon the nature of circumstances faced by the spouses, especially the needy spouse. While deciding on how much the alimony should be and for how long it should be paid to the receiving spouse, the court considers certain factors.

Marital Misconduct

The court of Pennsylvania does consider marital misconduct as a parameter for deciding on the sanction of alimony. The court may not allow the payment of alimony if it finds that the receiving spouse has committed a serious act of adultery or any form of unlawful sexual activity. The court may even end up in announcing a hefty sum of alimony in case the payer has initiated the divorce by involving in any kind of marital misconduct. But the matter of marital delinquency is taken under serious consideration if it is the spouse who is in need of the spousal support.

The conditions for alimony

Apart from the conditions of marital misconduct there are also other factors that are taken in to account while making the announcement of the payment of alimony. The following are the determinants of Pennsylvania divorce alimony.
  • The earning potential of the two spouses
  • The ages and the condition of health of the divorcees
  • The unearned resources as well as other expectancies related to inherited properties
  • The longevity of the marital life led by the couple
  • The contribution and sacrifice made by the receiving spouse during marriage for the well fare of the family and the other spouse.
There are several other factors that are important for making the decision for divorce alimony. You may search the net and can go through the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes of Title 23 in Sections: 3701, 3702, 3704, 3706.

Spousal Support

Permanent, temporary, rehabilitative and lump sum are the types of Pennsylvania divorce alimony. The spousal support of Pennsylvania is calculated based on a certain percentage on the differences of the net incomes of the spouses. The percentage of alimony is fixed. The alimony counts to 30% of the difference of the two incomes if the child support is provided to the alimony receiving spouse while it is 40% if the child support is not granted.

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