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Oregon Divorce Alimony

Oregon is an alimony state and the court offers Oregon alimony if the judge deems the awarding of the spousal support to be just. While judging the granting of the Oregon divorce alimony, the court does not consider the ground on which the marriage has been dissolved. Even if there is any case of adultery, desertion or involvement in any form of illicit sexual activity that has led to the dissolution of the marriage, the judge decides the amount and duration of the Oregon divorce alimony disregarding the act of marital misconduct committed by either of the spouses.

Types of Oregon Divorce Alimony

The court of Oregan has laws that have provisions for awarding different kinds of alimony based on the financial conditions of the spouses. The following are the forms of alimony that are awarded by the court of Oregon.

Transitional Alimony The transitional spousal support is ordered to the needy spouse who is presently pursuing an educational course or any career development skills and on completion of which would fetch him or her good employment opportunities. The following are the factors that are taken under consideration while awarding transitional Oregon divorce alimony.
  • The length of the married life
  • The marketable skills of the receiving spouse
  • Work experience if any
  • The degree of need of the recipient
  • The financial needs and resources available with both the spouses
  • The tax repercussions on the wealth accumulated by individual spouses
  • The responsibilities awarded as child custody and child support
Compensatory Alimony This form of alimony is awarded when the receiving spouse has made a significant contribution for the welfare of the family as well as to support the other spouse financially and non-financially in his or her career pursuits. While judging the sum and duration of the alimony, the court takes a note on how far the payer or his family has been benefited due to the contribution made by the payee spouse during marriage.

Maintenance alimony Maintenance alimony or the spousal maintenance can be for a specified period of time as well as for an indefinite period of time. The factors like age, the health conditions, income generation capacity or potential income, standard of living before and after marriage are some of the major conditions that are taken under consideration while awarding spousal maintenance.

The permanent spousal maintenance is very rarely awarded as the conditions hardly exist in the present age of gender equality. Permanent alimony is favorable for an alimony seeking spouse who has led a long term marital life, Oregon generally acknowledges those marriages as long term that have lasted for at least for 20 years.

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