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Oklahoma Divorce Alimony

The Oklahoma divorce alimony is paid not in all the divorce cases. It is paid only when the two spouses have agreed to an alimony settlement in case of an uncontested divorce and the on the discretion of the court if it is the case of a contested divorce. Several factors are taken into account while deciding on the amount and duration of the alimony to be paid. The financial resources available, the awarding of the child custody, the employability of the receiving spouse, the equitable distribution of marital properties and assets and such are some major parameters for determining Oklahoma divorce alimony.

Marital Misconduct

Marital misconduct is a matter of concern and subject of discussion while deciding on the granting of alimony. Even if he or she is financially not stable enough to maintain a decent living, the spouse may not be awarded with a favorable alimony judgment by the court if he or she is found to have committed serious degree of adultery and other forms of condemnable marital conducts. Likewise, the sum of alimony can be quite hefty in case of the payer spouse committing any form of marital misconduct resulting in dissolution of the marriage.

Though a marital fault is one of the parameters of alimony, but the issue of marital fault appears on the way of announcement of alimony in case it is the faulty spouse who is in need of the alimony.

Types of Oklahoma Divorce Alimony

Like most states of US, the state of Oklahoma has provisions of a variety of alimony that are determined based on the financial circumstances of both the receiving spouse as well as the payer spouse.

Temporary Alimony This form of alimony is provided to the needy spouse until the final proclamation of divorce in the court. After the declaration of divorce the temporary alimony is subjected to changes if the court deems it to be just.

Rehabilitative Alimony This type of alimony is paid when the receiving spouse is young and has the ability to develop marketable skills on completion of any educational or training program. The alimony is paid for an established time period until the spouse becomes completely self-sufficient.

Permanent Alimony This form of alimony awarded is quite rare. If granted then the alimony is paid for an indefinite time period until either of the spouses dies.

Lump Sum Alimony Generally, the lump sum alimony is paid at one single point of time but the payment can be distributed for a definite time period.

According to Oklahoma Statutes of title 43, between sections: 121 and 136, based on the request of the payee the payment of alimony can be made through the office of the court clerk. In that case, it becomes the duty of the court to convey the payments to the payee through first class US mail.

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