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New Hampshire Divorce Alimony

The provision for awarding of New Hampshire divorce alimony is mentioned in the New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated Chapter on Divorce and Separation. According to the statute the court of New Hampshire can announce divorce under certain circumstances that are mentioned below.
  • Based on New Hampshire RSA 458:19 I (a) a spouse can receive alimony only on the ground of insufficient possession of property assets, even if he or she has received property in accordance with the property distribution norm. If he or she is nor able to earn sufficient amount of income in order to lead a standard living as before the dissolution of the marriage, the spouse can be granted with divorce alimony.
  • Mentioned in New Hampshire RSA 458:19 I (b), while deciding on whether to announce alimony or not the payment capability of the spouse from whom the alimony would be sorted is taken under consideration. It is verified whether he or she is able to maintain his or her standard of living while supporting the other in order to balance the quality of life enjoyed by the couple before and after the divorce.
  • In New Hampshire RSA 458:19 I (b) another circumstance under which the court determines the awarding of alimony is that when it finds that the receiving spouse is really in need of financial support as he or she has not been able to get a proper employment. Sometimes it is the child custody that can be the reason for not being able to generate sufficient income. Often there are certain conditions and circumstances that make it inappropriate for the parent to go outside for job as otherwise the mental and physical health of the child might get affected.
Though there are several US states that do not consider the marital misconduct while judging the granting of alimony, the New Hampshire divorce alimony is determined based on the degree of marital delinquency committed by the recipient spouse. The factors that are considered by the court while calculating the sum and duration of the alimony are the length of the marriage, the contribution made by the receiving spouse in order to support the other during the marriage life, the means of earning of both parties, the potential employability and such. If you are interested to learn more about the various parameters for granting of alimony you may go through the guidelines for New Hampshire divorce alimony mentioned in the N.H. RSA 458:19, IV.

If the couple is unable to come to any settlement regarding alimony, the court holds the ultimate authority to decide whether the alimony is to be paid or not, if yes how much and for how many days. While declaring the court has to put forward the reasons for either granting or rejecting a petition for the alimony.

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