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Montana Divorce Alimony

The Montana divorce alimony is awarded based on two main conditions. While granting alimony the judge of the Montana court offers alimony in order to reduce the financial disparity between two estranged spouses. Alimony is also known as maintenance in Montana that is supported by the financially stable spouse to the other who is comparatively less capable to be financially self-sufficient. The very first condition that the court considers for granting alimony is that when the spouse has insufficient amount of property to support oneself. The second condition is when the parent if awarded with child custodian is unable to get himself or herself employed as because he or she is required to stay at home in order to take care of the child.

While making a decision of awarding of alimony the court also has to determine the duration and the amount of alimony to be paid. Mentioned in Montana Code of section 40 in titles: 4-203, the following are the conditions based on which the court determines the sanction of Montana divorce alimony. The financial resource available with the spouse asking for alimony. Ownership of property including the marital assets as well as the amount of child support received along with the child custody is the important parameter for rewarding Montana divorce alimony. If the spouse is not able to get himself or herself employed and is unable to lead a quality living. The duration of payment of alimony depends upon the time required by the spouse to get oneself eligible for employment after the completion of the educational course or any career oriented training program presently pursuing. Another very important reason for granting alimony is to bring a balance between the standard of living before and after divorce. The spouse who is not capable to maintain the same standard of living that he or she used to lead during the marriage life is normally awarded with divorce alimony. The duration of marriage is an important parameter to determine both the amount as well as the time span of the payment of alimony. The age and the physical and mental health is also a matter of consideration for the granting of alimony. The court also takes a note on how eligible is the spouse who is entitled to pay the hefty sum. The extent of financial stability of the comparatively economically strong spouse is another determinant of calculating the alimony sum as well as the duration of the payment.

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