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Mississippi Divorce Alimony

There are various types of Mississippi divorce alimony. Depending upon the financial circumstances and other factors the court determines the form of alimony to be awarded. If in case the couple has managed to come to an agreement about the duration and sum of alimony, the court has no say regarding it. But if the spouses fail to come to any form of financial support settlement the court holds the right to decide on the verdict of the payment of alimony. There are certain factors or guidelines that are taken into account while making a decision on the awarding of alimony.

The Mississippi divorce alimony can be in the form of a permanent alimony, temporary alimony, rehabilitative alimony and reimbursement alimony. The alimony can also be paid periodically as well as in lump sum. The permanent form of alimony is quite rare as most of the spouses are eligible enough to meet up their living expenses alone. The following are the factors that influence the judgment of awarding of permanent alimony.
  • Whether the alimony seeking spouse has made a significant contribution to support the other spouse during his or her pursuit for higher career opportunities. If the court finds that the spouse asking for the alimony has extensively helped the other spouse to accumulate wealth by sacrificing his or her personal career interests, the court considers the spouse to be granted with alimony.
  • The duration of marriage of the estranged spouses.
  • If the court finds that there is a huge disparity in the amount of the property assets owned by the spouses individually, the spouse owning less is granted with alimony.
  • The court finds that the spouse will get to have insufficient financial security if not awarded with the lump sum divorce alimony.
The rehabilitative alimony is provided to that spouse who is on the process of finding a new job in order to become self sufficient. He or she is eligible to get the alimony till he or she is able to get oneself employed.

The reimbursement alimony is paid when the alimony seeking spouse has made a considerable contribution by looking after the family while the other spouse was busy in pursuing his or her education or other career development courses.

The awarding of the alimony in favor of the alimony seeking spouse can be affected if he or she is found to have committed any form of marital misconduct or activities like dissipation of property assets. To know details of the various factors for determining Mississippi divorce alimony you may go through the alimony laws mentioned in Mississippi Code of section 93 in chapters: 5-23.

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