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Louisiana Divorce Alimony

The Louisiana divorce alimony can be awarded either on a permanent or as a temporary basis. The temporary alimony is awarded for a specified time period generally to give support to the alimony seeking spouse while he or she is on the process on developing his or her marketable skills to be self-sufficient in future. According to the ruling of the court of Louisiana the alimony granted can turn out to be quite hefty if the receiving spouse is free from any allegations of marital misconduct. On the other hand the spouse who has committed the act of adultery or desertion is not ideally eligible to receive any form of alimony.

The Louisiana divorce alimony is termed differently according to the status of relationship shared by the couple. The temporary alimony or the alimony pendente lite is issued when the spouses stay separately immediately after the filing of divorce. The permanent alimony or the permanent spousal alimony is paid when the separation of the couple is legally announced. The Louisiana temporary alimony is paid only till the announcement of divorce while the permanent alimony is obligatory for the payer spouse until it is terminated through any further court ruling.

A permanent alimony can not exceed one third of the income of the spouse entitled to pay. There are certain factors that are considered while making the decision on the amount and duration of the alimony by the court. The following are the determinations of the payment of the alimony.
  • The means of income and the accumulation of property assets of both the spouses are taken into account.
  • The liquidity of the assets owned by the couple
  • The income or earning capacity of the spouses is also another decisive factor for sanctioning alimony.
  • The child custody is another determinant for spousal support. If the spouse happens to be awarded with the custody of the child and face some obligations of staying at home for the welfare of the child, the other spouse is asked to pay for the alimony.
  • The potentiality of the spouse in generating income in the near future.
  • The health and age of both the payer and the receiver spouse is a factor for determining alimony.
There can also be other circumstances that may influence the judge of the court to grant alimony. So, before contesting for alimony in the court you may consult an experienced lawyer or any other authentic source of Louisiana divorce alimony information.

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