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Kansas Divorce Alimony

The Kansas divorce alimony is generally awarded for a specified span of time. The alimony can be granted on a periodic basis or as a lump sum depending upon the financial conditions of both the parties. Like other states, the court of Kansas has separate laws for alimony. Even though the sum and duration of the alimony is to be paid according to the discretion of the court, the alimony is normally not paid for more than 121 months. But under certain circumstances on request of the alimony receiving spouse the court can extent the period of payment of Kansas divorce alimony.

There are certain guidelines mentioned in the Kansas Statutes of chapter 60 in article 16 - subject: 1610 that are considered while passing the judgment of the payment of alimony. The following are the set of factors that are responsible for determining payment of alimony.
  • The ages of the spouses. Alimony can be awarded to a spouse who is at an age that does not make it possible for the spouse to seek for a new job to earn his or her livelihood. If the payer spouse is financially strong but is aged enough to be nearing toward retirement, the period of alimony is granted to a definite period of time.
  • The assets owned by each of the spouses. The amount and distribution of property possessed by both the spouses after the divorce is an important determinant for sanctioning divorce alimony.
  • Another very important factor for determining the amount of alimony to be paid is the income capacity of the spouses. Not only the present income rate but also the income generating potential of the spouses in future is taken under consideration by the court.
  • While judging the verdict of payment of the Kansas divorce alimony, the court makes a note on the ground on which marriage of the couple is annulled. The judgment can be affected if the court finds that the alimony receiving spouse has committed any form of marital misconduct that has brought about divorce.
  • The court may determine the sum to be paid by considering how long the marriage of the separated had couple lasted. A marital life of more than 10 to 12 years is taken to be a long marriage life.
  • The alimony is also awarded to a spouse if the court finds that the spouse is incapable of maintaining the standard of living that he or she used to enjoy in marital life.
To know more about Kansas divorce alimony you may consult a certified lawyer or may search in the internet for authentic information. It is recommended to be aware of all the details of alimony laws before moving to the court for claiming spousal support.

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