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Hawaii Divorce Alimony

According to the court of Hawaii the alimony is termed as spousal maintenance and is generally awarded in case of an uncontested divorce. The Hawaii divorce alimony is ordered when both the spouses have agreed to it. Since in most cases both the spouses are found to be earning a standard income, the alimony is normally sanctioned on a temporary basis and even the sum of money ordered for payment is quite less in amount as compared to earlier days. In Hawaii the person who initiates to file for the divorce is not entitled to receive any form of Hawaii divorce alimony.

There are certain determents that influence the judge of the court of Hawaii while making the decision on granting alimony if in case none of the spouses have been able to come to a definite conclusion regarding the sum and duration of the payment made for spousal maintenance. The following are the various factors that are taken into consideration by the court while announcing the verdict of Hawaii divorce alimony.
  • The court keeps a check on the financial resources of both the parties. If it is found that one spouse is really in need of money to support one’s own life while the other has enough monetary resource to help the other financially, the Hawaii divorce alimony can be awarded.
  • The duration of alimony is considered while determining the time span of the payment of alimony. If the marriage is accounted to have lasted for more that 10 or 12 years, which is quite a long time the alimony is sanctioned in favor of the spouse who is contesting for the alimony.
  • The alimony is often granted to the spouse who is unable to continue with the same quality of lifestyle as he or she is accustomed to lead before the divorce.
  • The age of both the parties. Temporary alimony is provided to the alimony seeking spouse who is young and have the capability of generating income in the future on completion of the educational or the training course that he or she is presently pursuing.
  • The physical and mental stability of the spouses is another parameter for ordering alimony by the court.
  • The awarding of the child custody and child support are the major factors for granting divorce. The parent may have to stay at home for the welfare of the children which may lead to inability of getting himself or herself employed for generating income. Under such circumstances the alimony may have to be paid by the other spouse to financially support the parent and the child.
While deciding on the duration and the amount of alimony to be paid to the receiving spouse, the court makes sure whether the other spouse is financially that stable enough to execute court alimony orders.

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