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Florida divorce alimony

Since alimony is regarded as one of the most important aspects of divorce, one should go through the various laws related to alimony before filing for divorce. The divorce alimony laws differ from one American state to another and have separate factors based on which the alimony litigation procedures vary. While awarding alimony the Florida court considers the reason or the ground on which the divorce has been dissolved. In case the marriage has been annulled due to some committed adultery or marital misconduct, the court does take a special note of it while granting the Florida divorce alimony.

Though the awarding of alimony entirely depends upon the discretion of the judge, there are certain Florida alimony guide lines that to a great extent influence the decision of granting alimony. The following are the Florida divorce alimony guide lines.
  • The living standard of the spouses led during and after the divorce. Alimony is generally rewarded to the spouse who is unable to continue with the same quality of life style as he or she used to enjoy during the married life while the other is financially strong enough to support the same lifestyle as before the divorce.
  • The duration of the marriage life. The greater the time of marriage the greater is the probability of granting alimony in favor of the spouse contesting for the alimony.
  • The age of the alimony seeking spouses. If the divorcee is very aged and is not capable to earn his or her living and if the other spouse happens to be financially stable enough to support the other, the court orders the alimony to be paid by the spouse who is economically stronger than the other. The emotional, the mental and physical strength of the spouse is also taken into account while awarding the alimony.
  • The financial and the property assets are considered while deciding on ordering for alimony.
  • In case of rehabilitative alimony, the time required by the alimony seeking spouse to become financially stable and self sufficient to support one’s own life. Generally, the money is awarded to finance the educational courses or any skill development training pursued by the alimony seeking spouse.
  • The amount of contribution done by the spouse during the marriage life that includes sacrifice of one’s own career for the wellbeing of the family, offered help in building the career of the other spouse, child care and such.
While sanctioning the Florida divorce alimony the court makes it a point to take a note of all the assets and properties possessed by both the spouses. Depending upon the financial status and the other divorce related circumstances the court may even sometimes grant permanent alimony, even though such alimony rulings are quite rare.

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