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Arizona Divorce Alimony

In Arizona divorce is termed differently as “dissolution of marriage”. As the divorce laws differ from state to state in America, the factors or conditions based on which alimony is awarded also change from one state to another. Some states do acknowledge no fault divorce while determining alimony. But Arizona state does not account the marital misconduct committed by the receiving spouse while granting Arizona divorce alimony.

Alimony is mainly awarded when the court finds that one of the spouses is incapable of maintaining the same standard of living after being divorced as he or she used to enjoy before divorce. Since now a days most of the couples have equivalent incomes, Alimony is rarely announced. The following are the conditions that influence the calculation of Arizona divorce alimony according to the 25-319 of the Arizona Statutes.
  • If one of the spouses lacks sufficient financial resource and property assets in order to support himself or herself after divorce, alimony is granted.
  • If he or she has no proper marketable skills that would yield a steady income through employment, the court may grant alimony in favor of the financially unstable spouse.
  • In case the child custody is rewarded to the spouse. Sometimes the age or health conditions of the child can be so weak that the spouse may have to stay at home without being unemployed in order to take care of the child. In such a situation, the other spouse will be given the responsibility of providing alimony in order to financially support the child and the spouse.
  • Alimony can also be provided by a spouse in order to contribute to the expenses related to the educational courses pursued by the other.
  • After leading a long marital life and then getting divorced at the age which is not at all convenient for getting a job, the spouse would probably be granted alimony.
Though the awarding of alimony is determined solely based on the discretion of the family court judge, the following are some of the guidelines that influence the decision of ordering alimony.
  • The standard of living before and after the divorce.
  • The duration of the married life led by the couples.
  • The age, the medical and employment history, physical and state of mind of the spouse claiming the alimony.
  • The financial resources of both the spouses.
  • The contribution of the alimony seeking spouse to hasten the income capacity of the other spouse before divorce.
  • The extent of sacrifice made by the alimony seeking person by ignoring his or her career opportunities for the wellbeing of the family and the other spouse.
  • The time required by the alimony receiving spouse to prepare himself or herself in order to become financially independent enough to support one’s livelihood.
Before heading for a divorce and especially if you are looking out for a contested divorce, you are recommended to make yourself aware of the various litigation procedures related to Arizona divorce alimony.

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