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Alaska Divorce Alimony

Alaska divorce alimony is based on the divorce family laws of the judicial court of Alaska. In Alaska the alimony is termed as maintenance as it is believed that the alimony is granted to the spouse who is incapable of supporting himself or herself after being divorced by the other. Generally alimony is not declared when both the spouses have equivalent financial status. Alimony is given to those spouses who are not able to continue with the same standard of living as he or she once used to enjoy during their married life.

In many states alimony is determined based on the ground on which the couple has got separated. The spouse claiming the alimony if found to have caused some fault or alleged to be committing adultery leading to divorce, he or she is not entitled to receive the alimony. But the court of Alaska doest not account the fault of the spouse while awarding him or her with the ‘maintenance’.

The court may order for the payment of the alimony on a temporary or a permanent basis and in installments or as a lump sum. The following are the factors that are largely responsible in determining the alimony to be paid.
  • The length of the married life led by the estranged souses.
  • The age of both the spouses. The health condition of the couple is also taken into account.
  • The income capacity of the spouses. Their qualifications, courses, training, marketable skill, job experience are considered while making the decision of awarding Alaska divorce alimony.
  • The amount of alimony to be paid is also based on the granting of the child support.
  • The present financial conditions of the couple. Taking in to account the various insurance policies including the medical insurance papers are considered by the court.
  • The conduct of the two parties during their marriage life. The assets jointly owned by the couple are also counted while calculating the Alaska divorce alimony.
  • The distribution of properties that the couple has mutually agreed on.
Apart from the above mentioned factors there are also other determinants that are responsible in influencing the judgment of the Alaskan court while declaring the verdict for awarding of alimony. They are mentioned in the sections 25-24-165, 25.24.230 of Alaska dissolution status. So, if you are about to file divorce in the court of Alaska, you are commended to go through the details of the Alaska divorce alimony laws in order to go a head with the divorce proceeding according to your convenience.

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