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What is alimony?

Alimony refers to the financial spousal support that a financially stronger spouse extends to the other after divorce. Traditionally, women were not opting for their own careers but taking care of the family health and the children. Men were the basic bread winners. It soon became the law that men need to support their wives in the form of alimony after divorce so that women continue to lead a comfortable life similar to their earlier lifestyle! But today, as times have changed and women too are earning sound incomes, alimony refers to spousal support by the financially stronger partner in a divorce.

Divorce alimony laws

In this column, you will find plethora of information regarding divorce alimony laws across USA. However, alimony laws differ to a slight extent in different states in USA. Various alimony laws in different states in USA have been given in this space. How to calculate divorce alimony? This issue is again dealt here and will help you determine the spousal support you may get or supposed to provide.

These are some of the articles which will talk about on various issues of Divorce Alimony:
Divorce Alimony for Each And Every State

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