Divorce Guide

Divorce Guide

Advice To Men Getting Divorced

Women are the meeker sex but when it comes to divorce they should not be underestimated. Men should not take divorce cases lightly. Divorce advice for men should come from the best source.

When a marriage is breaking both men and women go through heart break. Men appear to be strong and fine, but actually they are more perturbed than the women. Men hesitate to discuss their divorce with people and think they can take care of things on their own. But they are wrong. Divorce has so many complexities that it is not possible for an individual to deal with them, all by himself.

It is strongly recommended that men take suggestion from their family and friends who have experienced divorce. They should be fully aware of their state laws related to separation. Taking professional advice is recommended to bring out the best results.

Few Divorce Advices For Men:

Separate Accounts: As soon as you start thinking about separation close all the joint accounts that you have with your wife. You can alternatively transfer your own share of the money in another account. But leave some money in the name of your wife so that the court does not hold you guilty for leaving your family in a state of bankruptcy.

Assess You Income: This is very important because depending on your income the court will decide the alimony or the maintenance you have to pay to your spouse. One small tip is that if you are earning extra cash by working overtime, stop doing that. This extra cash will get added in your income and increase the amount of alimony to be paid.

Cancel Joint Credit Cards: If your wife is in a revengeful mode try and give her no opportunities for ruining you further. If you have a credit card where she is the supplementary user, freeze that card. Because in case she shops with that card you will be left paying the huge bills later.

Divide Stocks, Shares, and Bonds: Call your financial advisor and get a fair division of assets like bonds, shares, and stocks. Be fair in giving her share so that you are not questioned by the court for being unfair.

The above mentioned are some financial cautions that men must exercise while divorce. Even a small blunder can be treated as contempt by the court. It is better to involve a financial advisor when taking decisions related to money. The advisor can serve as a bridge between you and your spouse and help in a fair division of property, assets, and cash.

Apart from the financial issues men must be very careful in handling women’s emotions. Divorce is a time when women become more susceptible to emotional outbreaks. If men hurt or challenge them they tend to become more reactive and revengeful and can go to any extent to win the case in their favor.

Avoid The Following Blunders:
  • Try and avoid physical abuse. Even if you hit the female for your own defense it will be treated as an assault, thus portraying your wrong image in front of the court.
  • Do not let your wife know about your decision to divorce from someone else. This will lead to humiliation and further bitterness.
  • If possible sit with your wife and draft the financial plan together. If this is not possible then at least convey her about your financial plan before filing the petition.
  • If you want to retain the custody of children then keep your rapport with them. Spend time with them and try to convince that you still love them.
  • Do not stop communicating with your wife. However strained may be the relationship keep communicating about your next course of action and also try to know what she is up to.
  • Do not make up wrong stories about your wife in order to defend your decision of divorce. This is unethical and can also be serious if court finds out that your claim is baseless.
Whether man or lady, divorce is painful for both. A man should be a man and not resort to wrong ways in order to win the case in his favor. However, he should definitely use his defense in a legal manner. Men should not hesitate to fight for their financial rights. Divorce advice for men can help them fight the case legally and also maintain their financial interests.

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