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Bible does not regard divorce as a desired situation. The quote from Bible ďI hate divorceĒ, says the LORD God of Israel, shows the religious stance on the issue of divorce. However, the contemporary Christian divorce advice permits separation in extreme cases.

According to Bible, divorce should not be practiced because human beings have no right to break a relationship that is made by God. Even toughest situations like unfaithful partner or religious differences do not become good grounds for divorce, according to Bible. However, Christians are not regarding divorce as unethical anymore. According to the contemporary statistics, Christians have the highest rate of divorce in US. In most of the cases, reasons for divorce are adultery, infidelity and physical or verbal abuse.

Christians understand that the process of divorce is emotionally trying. In order to ease out coupleís emotions, lots of counseling is carried by Christian associations. Church also offers divorce counseling in order to help the couples understand the institution of marriage and not take the decision of divorce in haste. However, Church does not carry any ritual related to divorce, the way it does for wedding, house warming, or child birth.

Christian advice for divorce says that if the divorce is unavoidable then probably there is Godís will involved in it. Thus, you should not get bogged down by negative feelings of anger, hatred, or revenge, and try to maintain your goodness.

Divorce Advice To Christians:
  • Try To Save The Marriage: Although, no one can avoid chance and fate, but you must try to avoid divorce at any cost. Practice forgiveness, resistance, and tolerance. Your marriage is a Godís gift to you; try to preserve this at any cost. However, if the situation becomes very grim and you cannot hold back the marriage, then go for divorce without guilt.

  • Forgive yourself and forgive others: This doctrine of Bible is very useful for Christian divorcees. It encourages you to forgive your partner for his or her behavior and not hold any bitter feelings against him/her. This applies to oneself as well. You should not hold yourself guilty for divorce related issues and think that God is involved in this decision. Moreover, God always forgives his children and encourages you to move on in life.

  • Believe in God: Divorce should not affect your love for God; in fact it should strengthen your belief in God. You should not hold God responsible for your miseries because God has good intentions behind every action. A bad event as divorce should bring you closer to God.

  • Offer help: Divorce should not put an end to your life. You should proactively help others who are in the same situation. Listen to their agonies and lend a shoulder.

  • Caring for the children: Remember that your children have also gone through the agonies of divorce. Whether the children are staying with you or not, try to be a good parent to them and play your part of the role.
Itís true that church does not give any cognizance to divorce. According to the Bible, God does not accept divorce, but with changing times, divorce is increasingly being practiced among Christians. Divorce advice related to Christians encourages going for divorce only if it is unavoidable. And once, the separation has taken place keep yourself free from negative feelings, and allow the God to forgive you.

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