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Advice On Children And Divorce

Children are very sensitive to the issue of divorce. Not only the couple but children also get emotionally affected by their parentís separation. Divorce advice for children is to keep them away from ugly fights and heated discussions that take place between couples undergoing separation process. It is definitely not possible, neither recommended to hide the issue of divorce from children, but experts say that it is better to save them from the heat of the matter.

Couples with children have to face more complexities while fighting the divorce case. Answering to childrenís curious questions, trying to portray as if there is no problem between the parents, restraining one from discussing controversial topics in front of children, are some of the challenges that the parents have to face.

According to child psychologists, children should be kept away from the issues of divorce as far as possible. No child is happy to see his parents fighting. Research shows that the children of divorced parents become pessimistic about marital relationships and have less trust on their future partners.

No parent would like his or her child to develop negative views about marital relationships. To avoid the development of negative thoughts in your child you need to take extra care when divorce proceedings are going on between you and your spouse.

Divorce advice for children during divorce is to handle the emotions of children in a mature manner. Suppressing ones ego and anger is important to save your children from the negative impact of your divorce on their personality.

Advice To Handle Children During Divorce:
  • Avoid Controversial Topics: No divorce can be devoid of controversies, but try to avoid discussing controversial issues in front of your child. You and your spouse can fight in their absence. Heated exchange of words will scare the children and make them feel insecure.

  • Avoid Physical Or Verbal Abuse: There are times when the couples cannot stop their emotions from raging and start physically hurting each other. Even if they do not physically hurt, they use offensive language to hurt each other. Childís psychology is badly affected by such behavior of the parents. While divorce issues are being discussed it becomes difficult to stop such behavior at times.

  • Do Not Keep Divorce A Secret: You should never hide the decision of divorce from your children. Also do not project divorce as something negative. You should try and make children understand that two people have the full right to live the way they want, and thus they getting divorced is a solution and not a problem. However, your role as parents still remains the same. Try to communicate about divorce to your children in the presence of your spouse. Hiding the fact of divorce from the children for a long time will not work because they will sense that something is amiss between the parents.

  • Take Childrenís Opinion On Custody: If the children are old enough, itís always better to take their opinion on child custody. They would feel better staying with the parent they want to. Giving this freedom to them will enhance your respect in their eyes.

  • Continue To Do Your Duties: The issue of divorce is between you and your partner. Do not deny your children of parental care while both of you are busy fighting the divorce case. Make it a point to attend PTA meetings, celebrate birthdays, and Christmas together. Remember until the divorce is over you are still a family.
Saving the children from the effects of divorce is the duty of both the parents. The most important divorce advice for children is that both the parents should sit together and plan what is good or bad for the child. Their ego should not come in the way of their childrenís welfare.

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